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High level resources to help aspiring lawyers secure training contracts

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TCLA Premium 2.0 provides high-level training and resources to help aspiring lawyers secure training contracts at elite commercial law firms.

Our monthly membership programme gives you unlimited access to all our TCLA courses and premium materials, including all our future courses.

TCLA Premium

Why TCLA Premium?

Commercial law is one of the most competitive industries to enter. Thousands of candidates apply for a small number of vacation schemes and training contracts places each year. Only a handful secure training contracts.

Data from Lex 100

Aspiring lawyers run into the same fundamental problems. They have good grades, interesting extra-curricular activities and a clear motivation for commercial law. Yet time and time again, they fall down on interviews that test their commercial awareness.

But how do you develop commercial awareness? What should you be learning? How can you excel in case studies and partner interviews?

The problem is that all of this information at the moment is fragmented. That makes things easy to miss and hard to find. It means many aspiring lawyers aren't prepared for commercial interviews.

TCLA Premium solves this problem. It combines the commercial knowledge you need to know for your interviews and assessment centres in a single, straightforward package.

What does TCLA Premium offer?

It's a monthly package that gives you access to past content and all our future materials.

You will have access to:

1 Application Review every month

Our thorough and personal application review service, offers you detailed, line-by-line comments on your vacation scheme or training contract application. TCLA Premium members are eligible for one free application review every month.

TCLA's Introduction to the City Course

This course is designed to develop your commercial awareness.

It breaks down the commercial topics likely to come up at interviews and assessment centres in 2019/2020, including the financial markets, the business of law firms, topical news stories, and fundamental business knowledge.

Monthly commercial courses

Every month, we release a new course on a commercial topic. This course will teach you what you need to know about that topic ahead of your interviews and assessment centres. We use a combination of video tutorials, case studies and graded quizzes to cater to different styles of learning.

More than "commercial awareness", we hope to provide you with an in-depth understanding of a topic to take you forward in your career.

The course schedule

Our classes are released on a monthly schedule. The current schedule is as follows:

February 2019: Private Equity - Released!

April 2019: Mergers & Acquisitions

May 2019: Brexit

June 2019: Finance and the Capital Markets

July 2019: Law Firms as a Business

More to follow...

Law firm insights

To secure a training contract, you need to demonstrate a clear motivation for applying to a particular firm. But it's not always easy to work out what makes law firms different. Our detailed law firm profiles have been designed to help you to tailor your applications and justify what makes a law firm different at interviews.

We use our premium subscriptions to The Lawyer and Legal Week, along with our existing knowledge of firms, to give you a detailed explanation of a firm's unique selling points.

Access 45+ threads in our private forum

Members of TCLA Premium have access to our past content. That's over six months worth of content in our forum.

Inside, you will find: 15+ successful applications and cover letters, high-level application advice, our third M&A mock case study, business news roundups, and much more!

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"I found the private equity class very useful. Jaysen provided us with the basic knowledge of the area in a very exhaustive yet clear manner. We also practiced interview style questions on private equity to test our understanding of the class. As the class number is very small (just two people) we also had the chance to ask many questions, and it felt like the class was actually tailored to our needs and previous knowledge. Very satisfactory overall."

- Camilla Gionso, Third Year Student, University College London

Courses Included with Purchase

TCLA's Introduction to the City Course
Learn how to excel in commercial interviews and assessment centres
Jaysen Sutton
Law Firm Insights
Insights into law firms
Jaysen Sutton
Commercial Course 1: Private Equity
An Introduction to Private Equity
Jaysen Sutton
Commercial Course 2: The Interviewees' Guide to Mergers and Acquisitions
Preparing you for M&A Case Studies and Interviews
Jaysen Sutton

Original Price: £258

"The course was comprehensive. It covered the basics and extended to the more challenging areas of private equity. Jaysen provided easily digestible explanations and used real world application to elucidate the concepts. I'd definitely recommend the course."

- William Nicholson, Master's student, King's College London

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you are a subscriber - across any and all devices you own.
When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have to pay my £30/month fee
You can remain a member of the All Access Bundle for however long you'd like. You can also cancel at anytime, and stop paying at any time.
But application deadlines are over, why subscribe now?
TCLA Premium 2.0 is not designed to be a short-term fix. It provides progressive training to candidates with the support of monthly courses and regular commercial updates. Improving interview performance and developing a detailed understanding of commercial issues takes time, and the aim of TCLA Premium is to train you in time for training contract interviews.
What if I am unhappy with my premium subscription?
We work really hard to make sure our materials are the best we can be. However, we would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
I'm already subscribed to TCLA Premium Version 1.0, do I need to subscribe again?
No, you do not! Everything here is available to you. We'll be issuing you a coupon shortly, so check your private messages in our forum!

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