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Legal Technology in Commercial Law Firms

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This crash course is aimed at students and future trainees who want to better understand the advent of legal technology and its impact on commercial law firms.

In the first section, you’ll learn about the role of technology within the legal profession. You’ll also learn about the convergence of factors that came together to kickstart the ‘new wave’ of legal technology, including the role of the financial crisis and pushback from clients.

The second section considers the challenges of reconciling legal technology with the billable hour, and how a demand for efficiency is challenging the traditional economic model of law firms.

The third section considers real use cases of legal technology within law firms, from AI document review in M&A to 're-papering' contracts due to Brexit. You will also learn how legal technology is used in litigation and disputes, such as how natural language processing is used in litigation prediction.

The final section considers the practical extent to which legal technology will disrupt law firms over the next five years, and crucially: will lawyers will be put out of a job?

Your Instructor

Richard Tromans
Richard Tromans

Richard Tromans is the founder of Tromans Consulting, which advises law firms on strategy and innovation, including the adoption of AI and other legal technology.

He is also the founder of Artificial Lawyer, a global news website dedicated to “New Wave” legal technology. Artificial Lawyer has been recognised as one of the top 50 information sites in the world on Artificial Intelligence.

Course Curriculum

  Understanding Legal Technology
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  Why is Legal Technology Important? Why do Law Firms Need to Innovate?
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  Legal Technology Across Practice Areas
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  Disruption of the Legal Sector
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