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Why TCLA Premium?

If you're on this page, chances are you want to be a commercial lawyer. It's a profession that offers interesting work, global opportunities and the chance to work on headlining deals.

However, commercial law is also one of the most competitive industries to enter. Thousands of candidates apply for a small number of places each year. Only a handful secure training contracts.

Just look at the reported application to interview ratio for these firms:

Data from Lex 100 (2018)

TCLA Premium has been designed to turn good candidates into great candidates at all levels of the process. We detail how to write the top 1% of applications. We break down how you can excel in case studies and partner interviews. And we teach you the fundamentals of commercial awareness.

We're not here to give you the secret to securing a training contract because, quite frankly, there isn't one. But what we can do is share everything we've learned, having been through the process ourselves and having worked with thousands of candidates over the last few years (over the past few years, we've reviewed several thousand applications for vacation schemes and training contracts).

Contrary to what you might think at the moment, much of reaching the top 1% percent is about learning skills. Application writing, interview performance, debating commercial topics... they're just like any skill, which means they can be developed through consistent, deliberate practice.

Now, at the moment, some of this information is already out there. But it's fragmented. That means different candidates have access to different information. It also means many aspiring lawyers don't have access to high-quality resources to teach them how to write a stand-out application or excel during law firm case studies. That's a huge problem because, for many firms, you only have one shot per cycle.

So, TCLA Premium offers high-level training and resources on teach candidates the skills they need to secure training contracts, all in one easily-accessible location.

It won't be for everyone and it's not a secret sauce; you can definitely still secure a training contract without TCLA Premium.

What it does do is combine the knowledge you need to know for your applications, interviews and assessment centres in a single, straightforward package. We've put hundreds and hundreds of hours into providing the best resources we can think of to help you secure a training contract.

Your Instructor

The Corporate Law Academy
The Corporate Law Academy

TCLA is the largest dedicated forum for aspiring lawyers. Our mission is to help aspiring lawyers become the best version of themselves.

TCLA is also an educational platform. It’s our goal to turn aspiring lawyers, from student to trainee solicitor, into exceptional commercial lawyers. Through TCLA Premium, we provide an extensive list of online courses designed to upskill the next generation of lawyers.

Courses Included with Purchase

Understand the Financial Markets
Kickstart your understanding of the financial markets, the City, and the business of law firms
The Corporate Law Academy
Mergers and Acquisitions for Commercial Law
Preparing you for M&A Case Studies and Interviews
Jaysen Sutton
Law Firm Practice Areas
Understand the practice areas of the leading law firms
The Corporate Law Academy
FREE COURSE: Securing a Training Contract
With Harry Clark and Gordon Chung
Harry Clark
Junior Lawyers: Mental Health & Resilience Training
Claire Williamson, Leading Minds
How to Beat the Watson Glaser Test
Practice questions and strategies to help you master the Watson Glaser test.
Joe Mallet
Mergers And Acquisitions Case Study Bootcamp
Master your understanding of Mergers and Acquisitions
The Corporate Law Academy
Law Firms As A Business
The Corporate Law Academy
Private Equity For Commercial Law
Learn the foundations of private equity to master law firm interviews.
Arun Sohan-Pall
TCLA Premium Induction
How to make the most of your TCLA membership
The Corporate Law Academy
How to Write Law Firm Applications
The Corporate Law Academy
How to Pass a Law Firm Interview
The Corporate Law Academy
How to Convert a Vacation Scheme
The Corporate Law Academy
Law Firm Profiles
The Corporate Law Academy
How To Think Commercially
Learn how to think like a commercial lawyer
Jaysen Sutton
Practise Technical Law Firm Case Studies
Practise the hardest interview questions in the comfort of your own home
How To Understand The Financial World
Commercial awareness training on M&A, finance and law firms as a business
The Corporate Law Academy
Law Firm Application Guides
The Corporate Law Academy

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